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Helen and Emily

Suma and Andrea


Elyssa and Kimberly

Jess M and Louise


1st and 2nd Grade


Aliceyn and Ally


Susan and Jesslyn

3rd Grade


Taylor and Kiara

4th Grade


Molly and Crystal

5th Grade


Jessica and Luis


I co-founded of The Children’s Workshop School in 1993 along with current CWS teacher Jean Finnerty. I am dedicated to providing an enriching, inspiring, and holistic education for every child. I am committed to equity and access for all, and invite students and their adults to speak with me about anything. 

In 2011, the New York Times profiled me in their Principal’s Office series. The article is available here

I am the liaison between parents and the school administration, staff members, and teachers. You can find me in the Main Office on the 2nd floor or the Library on the 4th floor. I am always available to talk to parents about any concerns, questions or suggestions they may have. I sit on several committees, including the Playground Stewardship Committee, the Technology Committee and the Grant Writing Committee. I will be sending out important emails to keep you updated on school information, updating the calendar and the school website.

212.614.9531 x4081

I am the School Secretary, and you can find me in the Main Office on the second floor. As the school secretary I wear many hats. I coordinate and handle the following activities and events: admissions; school tours; school photos; spring photos; schedule meetings with the principal. I co-chair the Garden Committee, and I also Chair the School Clubs Afterschool Program. You will see me every afternoon in the lobby. You can contact me at 212.614.9531 x2091 or at

Out of Classroom Support

Jean (Hydroponic Lab)

Jennifer (Guidance Counselor)

Michelle (Special Ed Service Provider)

Noelle (Reading Recovery)

Dorothy (Library)

Martha (Speech and Language Therapy Teacher)

Jacquline (Speech and Language Therapy Teacher)

Mya (Occupational Therapy Teacher)

Sylvia (English Language Learner Teacher)

Jeth (Physical Therapy Teacher)

Travis (Gym)

Sarah (School Social Worker)

Tossea (School Psychologist)