Friday morning “Coffee and…”

Join us for coffee, donated baked goods, and chat-time in the lobby. Friday also features a Book Sale, raffle, and a CWS goods sale. It is a great way to meet other parents, enjoy wonderful food, and support school.

Community Meetings

Every Friday at 9am, children, teachers, and families come together for Community Meeting in the auditorium. Classes perform, outside guests present special programs, classes sing songs and share stories. Most importantly, we come together as a joyful group to celebrate our unique, multi-talented and loving CWS family. Every Community Meeting ends with a rousing sing-along of our favorite songs.


Maypole Dancing


PTA Exec Board Meetings

are held monthly and dates are on the school calendar and Bloomz.

General PTA Meetings

are held monthly and dates are on the school calendar and Bloomz.

SLT (School Leadership Team) Meetings

are generally on the first Thursday mornings of the month at 7:30am.

CEC Meetings

are held monthly and dates can be viewed at the CEC website here.

Dress-up Days

On the Last Friday of every month, the 5th graders organize dress-up days based on themes they have chosen. This is a fundraising opportunity to help the 5th Graders raise money for the annual Washington D.C. trip. Any CWS community member who would like to dress up is asked to donate $2 (all proceeds go to funding the Washington D.C. trip). Some typical dress up days include: Crazy Hair Day, Pajama Day and Superhero Day. Help us get to Washington D.C.!


Crazy Hair Day

Reading & Writing Celebrations

When each class completes a writing/curriculum project, the students’ families are invited to celebrate the students’ achievement as a classroom community. Parents and the administration are invited to read their stories, have some treats, and see first-hand the hard work and progress of the children. Dates TBA by teacher and class.

Welcome Breakfast

For new and existing parents on the first days of school, after drop-off, we get together at tar beach to meet other parents, have a snack, get to know the PTA, the Parent Teacher Coordinator, sign up for committees, etc.

CWS Mixer

An event hosted by the Tech Team where Children’s Workshop School staff and parents of all CWS students can mingle, learn about things that go on at school.

Harvest Festival

In October, a fun fete to welcome autumn, with pumpkins, crafts, games, music, square dancing, rummage sale, and food. All ages welcome.

Curriculum Nights

In the fall, CWS staff invites the parents of all students to come for an informative and exciting evening where they are able to learn about the curriculum their child will be exploring for the year. Curriculum also gives parents/guardians another chance to visit their child’s classroom and to be able to meet the various staff members their child will be learning with throughout the year.

Family Conferences (Before winter break, and before Spring break)

We believe in the importance of conversing with parents/guardians about their child’s progress. We also believe it is vital for the child to be involved in these discussions to allow them to be engaged with their own progress as a learner. As a result, students join their parents/ guardians and teachers in November and April for Family Conferences.

The Winter Craft Fair

A pop-up shop of local, handmade items, hosted by parents in the school lobby, to kick-off holiday shopping season. A percentage of the sales at the holiday craft fair goes to the CWS PTA to fund programs necessary for the school. Held on a Friday in December.

The Book Fair

The Children’s Workshop school is very happy to partner with the Union Square Barnes & Noble to have an annual book fair, which is held before Winter Break. The book fair lasts several days, allowing each class to take a quick trip to Barnes and Noble to purchase books as well as allowing for a wonderful Saturday Book Fair CWS event at the store. On a Saturday during the book fair local authors and CWS teachers come and read on the children’s storytelling stage at Barnes & Noble for CWS families. Proceeds earned go to maintaining our beautiful library. Purchase code is given for each event.

Honoring the Dream (January)

Annual all-school performance celebrating the vision and dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, reaffirming our hope for a just and peaceful world. Teachers work with the students to develop class performances and every child has the opportunity to be a part of the presentation. The event is usually held in the evening at ICE School (15th/1st). It is a moving and exhilarating experience, and is open to the public.

Ice Skating (End of January/February)

The Children’s Workshop School comes together as a whole school for a wonderful time ice skating as a community. Families are also welcome to join the fun. We have skated at Lasker Rink in Central Park amidst a beautiful snowfall, and in the newly renovated Le Frak Center at Lakeside Prospect Park, and at the City Ice Pavilion in Long Island City.


Start lining up a babysitter.. and inviting friends…to the best parents’ (and teachers’) night out of the school year, featuring fabulous food/bar, marvelous music (last year was Lisa Lisa) and the most Spectacular Silent Auction, all to support CWS.

Arts & Science Fair

Held in May in our schoolyard and building, the Arts & Science Fair is fun for the entire family. Enjoy fantastic food, music, arts, crafts including glop, Tie Dye, Face Painting, games, performances, raffles, rummage sale, etc.

All-School Family Picnic

In June, students, families, and CWS staff go to the playground by the East River (near 12th St) to play sports & games, get wet (water features), eat lunch and have fun.

Talent Show

Third, fourth and fifth graders participate in an annual talent show in June. The show includes any student that is interested in showcasing a talent they have. The opening and closing all talent show numbers are chosen and choreographed by the after school Talent Show Club. Students tell jokes, sing, recite poetry, play an instrument, solve a rubiks cube in seconds, do a puppet show, ride a unicycle, and more! Our talent show represents the individuality and creativity of our students.