CWS Library


The CWS Library

opened in 2001, (click here for History) and has a beautiful collection of books,

comfortable areas for full class instruction, smaller spaces for individual and

group work and a conference room for SLT and PTA EB meetings, and

Promethean boards and laptops for the teacher’s use. The Children visit

weekly with the classroom teacher, or an out of classroom teacher. Dorothy

collaborates with teachers to provide curriculum and support resources from

the collection. Each student is given a library card permitting them to borrow

one book a week. Throughout the year, authors and illustrators will visit.

Funds from the B&N Book Fair are used to build the collection and replace

books. To learn more about the library and our collection,  Browse our database!

Bilingual readings

In an effort to infuse the CWS curriculum with more languages, to make use of the extensive bilingual collection in our library and classrooms, and to provide parents with an opportunity to share their cultures through literature, we introduced a Bilingual Reading Series. This had occurred already in some of the classrooms, and sometimes during family visits, but this year we expanded it to all grades during library time.

First we familiarized the children with the format, with Bilingual Readings by staff and then we reached out for parent volunteers. The response was wonderful and many families signed up to read!  Families visited the library and chose from our collection of books or brought a book from home to share with the class.

We plan to make this an ongoing program. So many languages in this school! And such a wonderful way for families to share their cultures! Click here for pics!