CWS Student Accounts

This year we have created accounts for all students to use with Google Classroom. In the event of virtual schooling, and in some classes for homework, students will use their new account to access their Google Classroom, zoom links, and assignments. For safety reasons, private student/guardian email addresses from past years will no longer be able to be used for enrollment in Google Classrooms and/or submission of student work.

All student accounts have already been setup and added to their new teacher’s Google Classroom. Students should only login and use their CWS accounts when directed to do so by their teachers. If your child uses a Chromebook, they should use their CWS account to login to the device when doing schoolwork.

Students can access their accounts by going to in an internet browser (or using the Google Classroom app) and entering in their full CWS account name (i.e. and given password. Students and/or adults may not reset the password to a CWS student account or make any other changes to the account settings. In the event a password reset is needed (i.e. due to a security breach) please notify your CWS teacher for assistance. Forgotten passwords can be retrieved by your teacher. Do not share your child’s password with any other children or adults who are not directly responsible for helping your child login.

Your student’s account name and password will be provided to them in school, and will also be sent to the adult guardians registered in Bloomz via a Bloomz message during the first week of school. If you have not setup your Bloomz account, now is the time to do so. Email with any Bloomz account questions.

Teachers will be reviewing appropriate online safety measures and internet etiquette with students. We also need adult guardian help ensuring proper, safe, and respectful use. Using the CWS account does not restrict your child’s overall internet access, and adults should continue to closely monitor all internet usage by their children.

CWS accounts, which can be monitored by the school and be reset/disabled by the school, may not be used for:• Student to student communication, or communication between students and/or parents• Chatting/Hangouts/Meets other than those initiated by a CWS teacher• Logging into any apps (such as games or Bloomz, which is an adult-only platform) other than those approved by a CWS teacher

Failure of a student and/or guardian to use the student account as intended may result in access being revoked. Please help us keep our students and teachers safe online and keep interactions positive and respectful!

Configuring Your Device

iPad/android tablet: If you are using an iPad or android tablet, locate the Google Classroom app (or download it for free from the App Store or Google Play Store if you are using your own device). Enter the student email address and supplied password. The student’s teacher page should be visible now in Google Classroom.

Chromebook: “Add a new person/user” on the device. Enter the student email address and supplied password. Once Google Classroom downloads, open the app and choose the account. The student’s teacher page should be visible now in Google Classroom. 

Any internet browser: Logout of all google accounts, or open a browser in “incognito”/private mode. Navigate to Login using the student email address and supplied password. The student’s teacher page should be visible now in Google Classroom.*You may experience issues if you do not log out of other google accounts or open a tab in “incognito”/private mode.