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We, as a community, have been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to feel its effects. However, during this very difficult period, we have also seen the strength of our community. As the season of sharing approaches and we reflect on our gratitude, we want you to know that The Children’s Workshop School PTA is grateful for all of you! At CWS, our “family under one sky” is committed to a rich educational experience for all of our children. 

Because the Department of Education does not adequately fund many of our programs and with the recent budget cuts, we need to raise an additional $404 per student or a recurring monthly donation of $51 for 8 months to help cover the costs of programs like music, dance, yoga, technology and math. If that goal is met, we will raise nearly $135,000 to support this school year’s programs that support all of CWS’s 334 students. Most importantly, your donation will ensure equity and access to well-rounded experiences for every student. 

Every little bit helps our school so please donate… and your time is needed as much as your donation. Donations can be mailed to the school (Please make out the check to CWS PTA), dropped off in the office or with your teacher, or made directly through PayPal.

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More ways to support CWS:

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Send an email to the for more info.


Thank you so much for your contribution and supporting public education and CWS! Contact the PTA and volunteer to help out our school. If you need assistance with your PayPal transactions, please contact We are always looking to partner with our community and businesses to make CWS the best school that it can be. Thank you in advance for your donation and interest. CWS kids rock!