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The Children’s Workshop School needs a little love, understanding and help! CWS is striving to maintain our arts, music, dance, library, computer classes, class trips, and every other program we value, in the face of continuous and brutal budget reductions. Over the last five years, the DOE has reduced our school budget by nearly $500,000 resulting in an ever increasing burden on children and parents. Our budget needs this year equal $645 per child just to maintain the current programs. This amounts to approximately $54 per month per year.   Every little bit helps our school so please donate… and your time is needed as much as your donation. Donations can be mailed to the school (Please make out the check to CWS PTA), dropped off in the office or with your teacher, or made directly through PayPal.

Support the Children’s Workshop School PTA with a Monthly Subscription

To make your donation recurring, please choose an amount from the options below to subscribe. Monthly donations will repeat every month for 12 months. You may cancel recurring donations at any time through your PayPal account


One-Time Donation

Make a one-time donation of any denomination. Read-a-thon Donations Here!

More ways to support CWS:

Donate to CWS every time you shop online with Amazon Smile!

Amazon Smile for CWS. You shop. Amazon gives a portion of all sales to CWS when you assign us as your charity at Amazon Smile.

Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile

Donate Time

Send an email to the PTA for more info – our new volunteer form is coming soon.


Thank you so much for your contribution and supporting public education and CWS! Contact the PTA and volunteer to help out our school. If you need assistance with your PayPal transactions, please contact We are always looking to partner with our community and businesses to make CWS the best school that it can be. Thank you in advance for your donation and interest. CWS kids rock!



If you want to purchase a shirt we have sizes 6, 8, 10, 12 in most of the following combinations:

  • Black shirt beige letters
  • Black shirt hot pink letters
  • Pink shirt blue letters
  • Green shirt different green letters
  • Red shirt blue letters (pictured below)
  • Blue shirt red letter (pictured below)
  • Grey with beige letters (adult size L or M are also available in this color)
  • Green shirt yellow letters (limited sizes remaining) (pictured below)

Each shirt is $18 Share school spirit! We encourage families who can donate an extra shirt or part of a shirt for another child to do so. PTA supported shirts: We are planning to distribute shirts this year so each child has at least one CWS school shirt.


We have a limited quantity of wind-breaker jackets in kid sizes. Jackets are maroon with white embroidered CWS, they are perfect for fall! Each jacket is $30. Please email or see Joyce Borden in the office to ask about jackets Please email with your order of shirts and/or jackets. If your family needs a partial or full shirt scholarship, please contact Shirt Donations: If you have gently worn, washed CWS shirts that are too small for your kids, please bring them to the morning table before community meeting on Fridays. We will reuse donated CWS shirts in the following ways: shirts in good condition may be matched to families who want extra shirts in that size or they may be used by kids who need an emergency change of clothes at school. We may donate shirts that are not in usable condition to a textile recycling organization. Thank you for understanding. We hope to get the links working again soon.

The PTA is looking for a Parent to take over merchandise management. Please email if you are interested in helping improve our shop!