July 14, 2022

Summer’s here, I’m for that…  James Taylor 

I hope you have been enjoying the beginning of summer and relaxing a bit with family and friends. And for those of you who are not yet getting a break… I hope you do soon. 

This letter is not to fast-forward you to September, but to answer any questions you may have now. And always feel free to reach out to me on Bloomz or at Dcantwell2@schools.nyc.gov 

Building News: EVCS has begun their move out this week, and then our custodians will be preparing the building – painting, cleaning, moving furniture to prepare for our internal move as we restructure our space. Sunworks will begin construction will on our new two-room Hydroponic Classroom and Science Lab on the second floor, and the fourth-floor gym will be restored to its original double classroom size.  We have many plans for movement, yoga, mindfulness activities, and more. 

In mid to late August, families will receive Bloomz notifications, letters from their child’s teacher, with information about the class, and new protocols for drop-off and the first day of school. (September 8th) We will be making the Bloomz transfer in August, so if you need to reach me during this transition, please use the email above. Also please refer to the calendar on our website.

I will be updating it with dates as I know them. 

For new families… We’ve got you. Don’t worry. I’ll be posting on the website and also will email you all this information until you are in Bloomz. Please watch for an email asking you to download the Bloomz app, and then when the teachers reach out you’ll get the same information as the parents who are already in the system. Until we are all set, I’ll be your point of contact. 

 “It’s a folk singer’s job to comfort disturbed people and to disturb comfortable people.” Woody Guthrie Born this day in 1912 

Dorothy Cantwell
Parent Coordinator
The Children’s Workshop School