Message from Dorothy, our parent coordinator:


Hello All CWS families,

I hope you have settled into the summer and are enjoying time with family and friends. Summer Rising is in full swing, so if you have not brought your child to the appointed site, please reach out to me., with questions, to withdraw your child from the roster or to see if you can register now. I will be working at the PS 63 site this week, and in early August. However, I can be reached by E-mail throughout the summer. 

Getting ready for the year…

Right now, there are two things you can do to get ready for the school year:

  • Have you set up your child’s NYCSA (New York City School Account)? If so, please check to make sure that your password works and that you can access your child’s grades, attendance and state test scores for Grades 3,4,5.  It’s an important tool for parents.

If you need assistance resetting your password or if you need the access code to sign on for the first time, please reach out to me by email and I will assist you

Please visit

Please note that this is different from the myschool application website and different from your child’s school DOE email account… all these systems! 


Please Check the CWS website for updates when Bloomz is down for updates, especially later in the summer when we will announce any changes, registration for After-School Clubs, etc. The building is closed for construction, so there is nobody to answer the phones.  


School begins on Thursday, September 7, 2023. The Pre-Ks and 3Ks will have a staggered schedule for he first two days to help them ease into the full school day by meeting with smaller groups of children. We find that this gives the teacher more one-on-one time with each child and helps with those first-day anxieties.   


On Thursday, September 7, and Friday, September 8, I will be hosting breakfasts for new families on Tar Beach, (the terrace between the first and second floors) to give you a chance to meet each other, and get to know other, more seasoned parents.  And…you might have a few questions… 


I look forward to seeing you all in September. Please enjoy the summer.