Dear Families,

We need to collect an emergency contact form (also known as the Blue Card) for each student at CWS. Even if you are fully remote, we must collect this information. For hybrid students, paper copies of these forms went home, you can return the paper form or complete the online form; if you have already sent in the paper form you should not fill out the online version.  

Please fill out the emergency contact form online at the link provided in Bloomz. If you need the link resent to you, please email

Also, if you haven’t submitted your “lunch” form, please do so. All families, even those who are fully remote, must submit a “lunch application.” While the name is misleading, this lunch form determines how much extra funding our school is eligible for. Please, please, please fill one out – even if you’re fully remote and even if your child never eats school lunch. You should enter your NYC zip code to complete the app for the NYC school district

Thank you and be well,