Middle School Admissions Updates for 5th Graders (2022-2023)

Updated November 1, 2022 (Please scroll down for earlier posts for information and links)

Middle school update #4

If you have not received a DOE letter with the link and the access code to apply for middle schools….please reach out to me ASAP and I will generate one for you.

This week! Please make time to attend the District One Middle School information session, to find out about schools in District One. 

6:00pm to 7:30 pm

Tonight  Nov 1st– East Side, UNMS, School for Global Leaders, Nathan Strauss

Nov 3rd  –  Tompkins Square, Shuang Wen, MS 34 (FDR).188 The Island School

Zoom Meeting ID 94498032694

Pass code 261032


Please make appointments to go ion tours to see schools! I update the CWS website with middle school information.  (Scroll all the way down to the bottom for older letters and links to many schools.)


Here are some links to helpful videos. You may have already seen them on the NYCDOE MS admissions page, but they are worth a second look. One of them outlines how the lottery numbers are assigned and how to understand them while listing your choices on the application.


And I really would like to have at least one face to face or Zoom meeting with each family, so I can answer individual questions, clarify details of the process, and hopefully ease your minds.


Updated October 20, 2022 

Four things you will want to do as you begin the Middle School application process. 

1.Make sure your address is correct in the DOE system. If you have moved since you first registered your child at CWS, please update that with the office. You will have to provide documentation, legal proof of address. The MS Admissions office will be sending information to the address in the system.

2.Sign in to your NYCSA account. It will have information about last years’ attendance, grades and the State Test scores. This is what some screened middle schools can see, although some of them will have different criteria. The DOE is communicating more and more with parents though this tool. If you have never signed in, Or if you need me to reset your password, please reach out to me in a separate email Dcantwell2@schools.nyc.gov

3. If you have not filled out the ‘Lunch Form” please do. It can be helpful in applying to some schools. 


 Mark your calendar for The District One Middle School information sessions to be held Nov 1st and 3rd from 6:00 – 7:30 pm. (flier attached and in bookbags)      

Nov 1st  – East Side, UNMS, School for Global Leaders, Nathan Strauss                        

Nov 3rd  –  Tompkins Square, Shuang Wen, MS 34 (FDR).188 The Island School 

Zoom Meeting ID 94498032694

Pass code 261032


Know that there will be another DOE account to set up in order to apply to middle schools. To my knowledge, the DOE has not yet linked them. You will receive the link and your access code on October 26, 2022

Now, unless there are changes that have not been announced yet… your child will only be eligible to apply to District One Schools, Schools in your District of Residence, and City-wide Schools. You will rank them on one application and will submit it online by December 1, 2022

Some schools will offer placement based on a random lottery and their available seats, but some schools may use a screening process, which can include test scores, grades, a letter of interest and/or an interview. (This is a change from last year) It is important to understand each school’s criteria and screening process if any. Please look at the school’s admissions pages and listen for this important information on the tours. They should also make it clear if they request, or even accept letters of recommendation.

Please do not delay making appointments for tours at the schools you are interested in. They fill up quickly.  Families are already visiting Tompkins Square Middle School, East Side Community MS/HS, University Middle School, ICE (Institute for Collaborative Education) I have attached fliers from UNMS and Shuang Wen. Also please go to the CWS Website Admissions page for information.

Or reach out to me any time and we can meet. I would like to have a one on one conversation with each family.


Dear 5th grade families,

Have you been thinking about Middle School Admissions…? Yes, I know you have.

I’ll be sending messages via Bloomz to you to keep you on track and if you want to speak to me, by phone, on Zoom, or even in person, when possible, please reach out to me in a private Bloomz message, or dcantwell2@schools.nyc.gov

For now…

1.Visit the NYCDOE middle school admission page and sign up for emails from them!

2. Think about the middle schools you are interested in. Go to their websites (see some below) or call them to see if they are having tours or open houses. These will probably be on line.

3. Your child will be eligible to apply to schools in District One, your district of residence and city-wide and borough-wide schools.  Make sure your address and ALL relevant information is correct in ATS – not only the blue card and the teacher’s list. If it is incorrect you will run into trouble in the future, when you try to apply!

4. Make sure you fill out the lunch form, now called a family income survey. It can help you with some schools.

On October 26, 2022 you will receive a letter from the DOE asking you to set up an account (Yet another account!) You will be applying to Middle school on line and I will be there to help you through the process. The application will be online and will be pre-populated with your child’s information. You will receive more information about the online process and your sign-in information soon.

District One has scheduled two Zoom information sessions so you can learn about the district onb schools

Please think of it as the beginning of a new adventure!


Important Resources

Links to District One Public Middle Schools. Please sign up for school tours!

Tompkins Square Middle School. For tour information and to make a reservation, email Shirley Lee at slee@tsmsonline.org

University Neighborhood Middle School please contact Kanny Alvarez k.alvarez@unmslearns.net

School for Global Leaders  

East Side Community HS  Sign up NOW. Filling up fast!

Shuang Wen

Some City-wide Schools

Institute of Collaborative Education (ICE) 

School of The Future – Get tickets on EventBrite